We’ve recently been looking for color inspiration to paint, so I took to Instagram to find some inspiration. In the process, I found a collection of great artists that you should be following. Whether you need motivation for a new project or color inspiration as I sought out to do, check out my top 10 Instagram users for color inspiration.


Shelby Edwards leads my list with simple, yet creative use of color and unique subjects. Who knew a banana or spoon could look so cool?


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More fun with @thenosyt - Splat! 🍳

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Pawel Nolbert does some amazing work with paint and photography among a great strength for street photography. I can scroll through this account without feeling like it is too much of the same content. But how is it done?!

There are some weird creatures crawling on my desk and I caught one! #workinprogress #wip

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Objective #3 "Artmerica" Two more to come later this week!

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José Sales is based in Brazil and does these amazing color stories for several images. You can see the color palette change as you scroll down and I can honestly say that I've spend quite a bit of time in awe of his stories.  I had to show more than two for him... so rad!


Jesuso is based in Malaga, Spain and does great work with light pastels.  I love this tone of blue he uses throughout his account.

No añoro el Pasado, creo en el Presente, lo espero en el Futuro.💭🎡

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Uno se vuelve sabio sólo en la medida en que atraviesa su propia locura. 💭👐

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Kelly Mindell is based out of Los Angeles and her account is exactly what it promises, “celebrating the holidays + the every day!”  A great account if you want to see someone in a french fry suit.


Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this self described "happy kid" makes her scenes out of paper and beautifully puts them against colored and real life backgrounds.

In my bag 🎒📓📱🎧✒👛👓💱 #hellowelove #dailydeeds @welove.id

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Baling-baling kertasss.....❤💛💚💙 #mitanyanggakdirumah

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Matt Crump's "daily dose of sugar" gives you a jump of color with food and inanimate objects. I like the pastels used throughout to give a consistent color story without the feeling of conformity.

Pick one 💝 #WHPfilltheframe

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Santa Monica to Old San Juan to Jerusalem to Point Blank, Texas #horizoncollage

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Aurelie Cerise is based in Paris and does an amazing job adding elements of people within her color palettes. 

Did I miss anything? What are your favorite color accounts? Share in the comments below or join the conversation on www.facebook.com/collinreedphoto.

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