Every day I drive to and from work, I pass under the same bridge that appears to have locks clamped throughout the chain link fence.  Just a few days ago, after driving past this bridge for over a year, I decided to stop by with my camera and see if there were any good angles I could capture.  The beautiful sunset and interesting scene made for a fun shoot.

photo 1-2.JPG
photo 2.JPG

As it got darker, the lightning picked up and I started to wonder why I was standing on a metal bridge during the forming of the dust storm.  Oh well, I shrugged it off and started to capture light trails of the passing cars below.

photo 3.JPG

For some reason, this last one is my favorite.  The writing on the lock is illegible, but the attached strings and ropes made the shot interesting.  You can see one of them was even moving in the wind from the storm creeping up even closer to us.  

So the next time you pass that same location, over and over again, just stop and take in the view.  You don't need a camera to capture and enjoy the moment., but I think it helps.

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