A few weeks back, we had the opportunity to fly out to New York to visit my sister.  We had a blast hitting the usual tourist locations and taking in how truly huge New York really is. In lieu of hitting EVERY tourist location, we had my wonderful tour guide and sister show us some of her favorite spots as well.  

Grand Central Station

 It was shocking to see how huge Grand Central Station was and how many people passed through there in the short time we were there.  The national guard gents didn’t appreciate their photograph taken too much, so I had to settle with this wide shot of the station.  This was taken right outside the Apple Store in the station (side note, this store is pretty epic).    

Central Park

We later moved on to Central Park and strolled around for a few hours as it rained.  Living in Arizona during the longest doubt in years, we actually enjoyed the muggy, wet weather.  I snagged the above photo when we were taking some shelter from the rain and drying off our gear. 

07-2014_New York_New York Public Library.jpg

The New York Public Library was another building that was just too big to capture with a single photograph.  The above image captures my favorite part of the building which really pops in black and white.  


The Flatiron Building was by far my favorite in New York.  We hit this area right after Time Square, so the experience went from crowded as all get out to just over 20 people in the area.  In a city of over eight million people, it was one of the only times it wasn’t too crowded.


The last day, we hit a brewhouse in Hoboken, New Jersey where I captured the above shot.  I laugh every time I see babies or young kids in bars and I couldn’t help but to think she was over served at the bar.